DIE GEMEINDE FANA KÄMPFT GEGEN DEN KLIMAWANDEL, UND 3500 ANDERE GEMEINDEN MÜSSTEN DAS AUCH KÖNNEN – Le combat du maire de Fana et de sa commune contre le désert

« Innovative Entwicklungsplanung zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel in Mali »
Im Rahmen der InternationalenKlimaschutzinitiative (IKI) vom BMU sowie der malischen AGENCE POUR L’ENVIRONNEMENT ET LE DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE (AEDD) gefördert und von der GIZ durchgeführt, hat dieses Projekt inzwischen zu weitreichenden Ergebnissen geführt.

Mali: Ein Bürgermeister kämpft gegen die Wüste
Deutsche Welle – 02.12.2019
Von Jürgen Schneider
Abdoulaye Coulibaly ist Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Fana in Mali und er ist ein Klimawandel-Experte. Er will seine Gemeinde auf den Klimawandel vorbereiten. Das ist auch eine Frage von Krieg und Frieden in dem krisengeschüttelten Land.

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Der Film ist auch unter dem Titel Bürgermeister aus Mali belegen Klimakurse, um die Wüstenbildung zu bekämpfen auf dw zu sehen.

Mali mayors take climate classes to fend off desertification
Deutsche Welle – 03.12.2019
By Jürgen Schneider
As Mali gets hotter and drier, local mayors and lawmakers are learning how they can teach others how to adapt to climate change.
A local mayor fights climate change

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Project goal: To inform people of ways they can adapt to climate change by training decision-makers at various levels — including mayors and local political representatives — to pass on their knowledge.
Project scope: So far, 3,500 mayors and politicians have been trained, 65% of them women. A total of 12,000 will be trained if the project is refinanced.
Project size: Regions of Mali hit by climate change.
Budget: The training programs are part of a wider climate adaptation project in Mali that is partly funded by the German Environment Ministry (BMU) with €3,150,000 in the framework of its International Climate Initiative (IKI) . (And partly by the Malian Agency for Environment and Sustainable Development (AEDD), Ed.)
A decade ago, Fana in southern Mali was surrounded by fields of rice. Now it’s so dry, only millet will grow.
Climate change has meant the rainy seasons are no longer wet enough , and logging is exacerbating the problem. Without trees to anchor the soil, the desert is spreading, says the community’s mayor Abdoulaye Coulibaly.
Coulibaly is worried what the future will hold. But with knowledge from a training program aimed at helping community leaders to inform others about adapting to climate change, he hopes he can convince locals to protect trees and use greener farming methods.
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Ein Gedanke zu „DIE GEMEINDE FANA KÄMPFT GEGEN DEN KLIMAWANDEL, UND 3500 ANDERE GEMEINDEN MÜSSTEN DAS AUCH KÖNNEN – Le combat du maire de Fana et de sa commune contre le désert

  1. Restoring forests in Mali: Tree stumps could be the solution to disappearing woodlands
    Deutsche Welle – 29.05.2019
    As people fell trees to get wood for cooking, Mali’s trees are disappearing at rapid speed. A reforestation expert who has been dubbed ‚the forest maker‘ is working with farmers to restore the country’s woodlands.
    Project goal: Reforestation in Africa’s dry zone
    Implementation: Farmers are helping to regenerate degraded land
    Project scope: So far the project has been introduced to 24 African countries and has restored 100 million hectares of land.
    Mali’s capital Bamako is one of the fastest growing cities on earth. Around 2.5 million people live there and they all need a home and ways to cook their food. That’s where business owners like Maimuna Traore step in. She sells charcoal — and it’s flying off the shelves. The wood for the charcoal used to be sourced from near the city, now it comes from much further away. The trees around Bamako are disappearing fast.

    Tony Rinaudo, a reforestation expert and winner of The Right Livelihood Award — commonly known as the alternative Nobel Prize — has noticed the vanishing trees too. The „forest maker,“ as he’s been dubbed, is trying to regenerate Mali’s forests with the help of farmers using a method he’s established together with aid organization World Vision in other African countries, including Ghana.
    => WATCH the film by Jürgen Schneider


    M.SAWADOGO, PIONIER DER BAUMSCHÜTZER IM SAHEL – Une expérience d’agroforesterie au Sahel: Protéger les arbres qui poussent spontanément in MALI-INFOS 23.03.2012

    Gefällt mir

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